Get The Inside Scoop From Our BIC Interns!

At BIC, we’re all about developing the next generation of professionals through our internship (and apprenticeship) programs. We offer students the opportunity to do hands-on work and gain real-world working experience by joining one of our teams!

Over the summer, we host students from universities across the globe for several weeks, but the fun doesn’t stop when the school year starts back up. Several of our interns are able to work part-time while completing their studies!

We had the opportunity to chat with 3 current North America interns: Claire Mason, Courtney McNelis, and Joseph Verderame. Below, they’re sharing about their experiences as some of the newest members of the BIC team and what they enjoy the most about their work. Get the inside scoop, below!

Claire Mason

Walmart E-Commerce Intern

Bentonville, AK 

Senior at the University of Arkansas

Courtney McNelis

NAM GSC HR Intern 

Shelton, CT

Senior at the University of New Haven


Joseph Verderame

Revenue Growth Management COE Intern

Shelton, CT

Senior at the University of Connecticut

1. Why did you decide to intern with BIC?

Claire M: I decided to intern with BIC because not only was the job a fantastic opportunity, but my manager was willing to teach me and gave me real work that benefited the team.

Courtney M: I accepted an internship at BIC because BIC is a brand that I know and trust well. I wanted to intern for a company that has meaning to me, values I can stand by, and that would offer a memorable learning journey.

Joseph V: I was initially drawn to the role due to BIC’s brand name and familiarity. After having conversations with various team members, I knew BIC would be a welcoming place where I could truly practice and enhance my professional skills.

2. What’s one key takeaway from your internship?

Claire M: One key take away from my internship is that growing relationships and making connections is so important. Not only does it make work more enjoyable but it’s amazing to have so many connections this early in my career.  

Courtney M: My biggest takeaway from this internship is the value of teamwork and the crucial role it plays in accomplishing tasks, creating innovation, and supporting growth.  

Joseph V: Your work matters. One would think that when working with such a large company, it would be difficult to see the impact of your work. At BIC, however, this was not the case. BIC allowed me to see how even the smallest of tasks can positively impact the work of others and the company.

3. What has been the best part about your internship?

Claire M: During the second week of my internship, Gonzalve [Chief Executive Officer], Chester [Group Commercial Officer] and Dan [General Manager North America] all came to Bentonville for Top-to-Top meetings. It was so fun getting to know everyone on the Bentonville team and meeting BIC leadership. We worked hard to prepare for important meetings but also had lots of fun at team meals!

Courtney M: The best part about my internship is the people I work with—people from all over the world with different backgrounds, stories, and perspectives. I’m endlessly amazed by who I get to collaborate with and learn from on a daily basis.

Joseph V: The best part of my BIC internship has been being able to collaborate and work directly with BIC team members from all over the world. BIC being a global company has granted me with invaluable new perspectives which I can apply to many aspects of my every day and professional life. 

4. How would you describe BIC culture?

Claire M: During my time at BIC, I have learned that the company culture is very people oriented. Everyone always has each other’s back whenever someone needs help, at work and outside of work. 

Courtney M: The culture at BIC is one where you can unapologetically be yourself, and where creativity is encouraged and curiosity flourishes.  

Joseph V: The culture at BIC is one which fosters collaboration genuine connections among all workers and the company itself. BIC’s culture is so rich because of the individuals who work there, and their shared desire to uphold the values on which it operates.

5. What advice would you give to future BIC interns?

Claire M: Get to know the other interns early on! It’s so nice to have a community of other students to get to know and ask questions whenever you need help.

Courtney M: Don’t be afraid to express yourself, ask questions, and be curious because everyone at BIC wants to help you succeed. 

Joseph V: Don't hesitate to connect with individuals in different departments. Even a small conversation can expose you to new ideas, opportunities, or simply another familiar face in the office.

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