Celebrating Mentorship Month at BIC!

Throughout January we observe Mentorship Month, where we come together to celebrate the power of intentional relationships and the importance of mentorship in our society.  

At BIC, we believe that development goes beyond just training. Through the work of collaborative, cross-functional teams, we are able to achieve more together than we can alone. By sharing ideas, thoughts and perspectives with each other, we’re able to come together to drive BIC forward and positively influence others.  

Since the launch of our global program in 2017, 470+ members have participated in our mentorship program at BIC and over 2,800 mentoring hours have been reported! Through our programs, we provide our business leaders and team members with the skills they’ll need to continue driving BIC forward by... 

  • Increasing cross functional connections  
  • Promoting knowledge sharing and building a robust global learning network  
  • Driving engagement across regions  
  • Reinforcing our learning culture 

Still curious about what makes mentorship so powerful? Check out what our most recent mentors and mentees had to say about their experiences with the program. 

  • Salome Ngugi, Marketing Manager - East Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya

    “Joining the BIC mentorship program was a professional milestone for me. Being part of the program has allowed me to learn different ways of leadership and management, better understand team dynamics and needs, and build team success effectively.”  

  • Yiannis Voultzatis, IMM Process & Molds Optimization Manager, based in Anixi, Greece

    “Through mentorship, I have identified different ways to coach my team as a leader. Even more importantlly, I have identified key areas of opportunity for myself that will help me continue to grow as a professional and as a person. This effort for continuous personal improvement and growth will definitely help me unlock my full potential, so that I can bring more value to BIC, while becoming a successful professional and expert in my technical field.”

  • Karla Traconis Sr. Marketing Manager, based in Mexico City, Mexico

    “One of the things I am most passionate about in life is being able to inspire others. Being a mentor has given me the opportunity to further develop my communication and active listening skills, while also serving as an opportunity to reflect on the growth I have had throughout my career. I find that this experience has validated some of my known strengths and helps me discover new ones.” 

  • Joris Petragallo, Innovation Program and Strategic Industrial Projects Director, based in Clichy, France

    “Over my tenure of more than 12 years at BIC, I've had the privilege of experiencing mentoring from both perspectives—as a mentee and as a mentor. In both roles, this experience has not only facilitated the development of robust connections but has also played a pivotal role in providing career guidance, fostering leadership skills, and enhancing professional confidence.”

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