Careers at BIC are Built to Last

For decades, BIC has been synonymous with innovation, joy, and trust. As we celebrate our continued journey towards our Horizon Plan, we are highlighting several dedicated team members who have been instrumental in our story and have celebrated personal and professional milestones alongside the successes we’ve experienced as a business. In a world of changing careers and job hoppers, we are fortunate to have individuals who have chosen to unlock their full potential and reach major career achievements with Team BIC.   

As we celebrate several team members who have had longstanding careers making their mark with BIC, we’re uncovering their unique stories and impactful career paths. Join us as we celebrate their fantastic accomplishments and discover why they’ve chosen to stay.    

Eric Jackel, based in Bentonville, U.S., Making his Mark with Team BIC for 25 Years 

In November 1998, after a successful and informative interview with the team, Eric made the easy choice to join BIC in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he supported BIC’s Lighter business as Assistant Zone Manager. Over his 25-year career with BIC, he has worked in 9 different U.S. states supporting all 3 of BIC’s categories; held various positions including Business Development Manager and Director of Sales for Drug & Target; and even helped open the Minnesota corporate headquarters for Target, one of BIC’s retail partners. Throughout his tenured career, one of the main reasons Eric says he’s remained with BIC is due to the people, stating, “the people at BIC are what has kept the passion alive for me.” Eric even shared his experience taking a photo with the very own Bruno Bich, son of BIC’s founder Marcel Bich, after a client meeting. After the photo was taken, Bruno was so kind as to give Eric his tie as a memento, which Eric still wears to national sales meetings even today! 

When asked what he’s learned throughout his BIC career, Eric told us:

Hristian Dosev, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Making his Mark with Team BIC for 10 Years 

Hristian Dosev is a dedicated Sales Manager for BIC in Bulgaria supporting efforts across Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. Hristian began his journey with BIC working independently before expanding his scope and his team. He is currently based in our Sofia office and remains an integral part of our business success beyond Bulgaria. Throughout his 10-year career at BIC, Hristian has seen significant growth in his responsibilities, from overseeing sales in one country to managing five and achieving impressive targets. He has built long-term partnerships with distributors and trained their sales teams to become brand ambassadors, resulting in impressive numeric distribution for BIC products in the markets he serves. He firmly believes in the value of personal and professional development and credits the supportive environment at BIC that has allowed him to thrive.  

When asked why he first joined BIC and what’s made him want to stay, Hristian told us:

Donna Davanzo, based in Shelton, U.S., Making her Mark with Team BIC for 23 Years 

After a friend told her about an open position, Donna Davanzo, Human Resources Coordinator based in Shelton, CT, started her career at BIC as a temporary HR Receptionist. From the beginning, Donna quickly fell in love with the people and the collaborative culture at BIC. Fast forward to today, Donna has been with Team BIC for close to 23 years, including her three-year temporary tenure. Throughout her time at BIC, Donna has held several roles within HR. From managing the company store for 18 years to working across various HR functions like Health and Safety, Training and Development, Well-Being, and NAM Engagement. She even received the Global Champion award in 2014 for her work on Wealthcare Week project to support financial wellness for BIC team members. Donna has truly made her mark here at BIC! 

We asked Donna why she has remained a valued employee of BIC for as long as she has to which she easily replied:

André Oliveria, based in Barueri, Brazil, Making his Mark with Team BIC for 30 Years 

André Oliveira, based in BIC’s Barueri office in São Paulo, Brazil, began his career in 1993 after completing his military service. Having shifted paths, he started his career at BIC, the first company he’s ever worked for, in a São Paulo warehouse, where he prepared orders for delivery to customers. For André, it was an easy choice to join BIC because of the iconic brand he often associated with his school days. Throughout his career, André has held various roles across different functions with a focus on logistics and distribution, leaving a legacy in each area he has worked in. He credits BIC for providing him with opportunities for growth, education, and experiences with different cultures, and looks forward to continuing to make his mark with BIC for many years to come. 

When asked to reflect on his time with BIC André said:

Karina Pomar, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Making her Mark with Team BIC for 12 Years 

Karina Pomar, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, joined Team BIC in December 2011 drawn to the organization because of her strong identification with our renowned brand. With extensive experience in the purchasing sector of various supermarkets and wholesalers, Karina sought a new challenge as a salesperson. Throughout her time at BIC, she has held various roles like leading the Telesales Team and Key Account Manager for wholesalers in Buenos Aires. Karina has been involved in various company projects, including contributions to the development and implementation of the new Commercial policy. Throughout her career, Karina has learned the importance of teamwork and adaptability which has fueled her long-term success with Team BIC. 

We asked Karina what has made her successful throughout her career at BIC to which she told us:

Cristina Bussola, based in Milan, Italy, Making her Mark with Team BIC for 19 Years  

Drawn to BIC because of its brand presence and iconic products, Cristina Bussola, Senior Marketing Manager South Europe located in Italy, joined the team back in September 2001. Over the course of her career, Cristina has held various roles in marketing and sales working with teams globally in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Greece. Recently, she has even broadened her scope to include category management. Cristina attributes her long tenure at BIC to the company's shared values, the opportunity to work with a great team, and the chance to continually develop herself. 

When asked what she’s learned throughout her time at BIC, Cristina said:

Here at BIC, we strive to provide an environment that inspires long-lasting success and empower our team members to take ownership of their careers and unlock access to opportunities that will take them, and our business, to the next level. 

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