Black Leaders Influencing Sustainable Success at BIC 

As a global organization with over 13,000 team members working in locations across the globe, we strive to foster an inclusive culture, where individuals bring their diverse experiences and backgrounds to the table.    

BIC celebrates cultural and individual diversity as an essential part of our globally focused team culture. Through the work of our 5 employee-led employee resources groups (ERGs), team members can advocate, educate and promote local diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.   

Most recently, BLISS (Black Leaders Influencing Sustainable Success) celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the group’s foundation. BLISS is a group of North America-based team members from various cultural backgrounds, who come together to support and enhance the experience of Black and African American employees at BIC.  

“When we started this journey, we really didn’t know what to expect or how this would unfold - would this be a moment or a movement? I’m proud to state it’s the latter as we continuously evolve our approach to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the addition of new ERGs and our DEI Allyship Committee established internally, I’m excited to see what the future holds,” shares Michele Warren, Assistant Manager, Accounts Receivable, and BLISS co-chair. 

BLISS aligns its key initiatives with BIC’s core values through a variety of networking, mentorship, recruitment, retention and promotion programs, including:   

  • Fireside chats   
  • Speaker sessions (Eric Moses)  
  • Lunch and learn series 
  • Professional development opportunities   

Additionally, the group aims to inform and educate the broader BIC population around key historical dates and important workplace topics and challenges:   

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day   
  • Black History Month   
  • Juneteenth   
  • National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month 

Below, Team BIC members share their experiences as a part of the BLISS community and reflect on the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace as we celebrate Black History Month.   

  • Abdul Bombata, NAM Commercial Program Manager  

    “BLISS and the work of the other ERGs is important because it promotes cultural awareness and encourages a better understanding of how diverse BIC is as a company. We encourage openness and allow individuals to be their true selves, regardless of their background.”

  • Stephanie Smith, Sr. Payroll Analyst  

    “I choose to join BLISS to learn, grow and be associated with like-minded individuals of color. We come together to achieve our goals and promote further inclusion at BIC. Especially during Black History Month, it’s important that we don’t just celebrate Black accomplishments, including the inventions, patents, ideas, and businesses Black people have contributed to society, but also acknowledge the sacrifice many have made.”

  • Patrick Scales, Regional Sales Manager, Office Products – East 

    “I chose to join BLISS because I have enjoyed a great 27-year career at BIC! I wanted to join an ERG which enables me to be a positive influence on current and future Black employees at BIC. I am passionate about sharing my experience through networking and mentorship, and BLISS provides me with the opportunity to give back.” 

The work doesn’t stop here, however. “We’re looking forward to continued success in 2023, collaborating across different ERG groups and growing our allyship community here at BIC,” Michele shares. BLISS has several career development workshops planned throughout the year and will participate in product and marketing engagement through consumer testing and feedback.  

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