Celebrating International Women’s Day at BIC

In celebration of International Women’s Day and of this year’s “Embrace Equity” theme, we are reminded that equality is simply not enough. We all have a role to play when it comes to creating a safe space for all members of Team BIC.  

At BIC, we reinforce our commitment to empowering and encouraging female talent across our organization, with a goal to see 40% female representation in executive leadership roles by 2027. 

Today, we reflect on the progress we’ve made towards these goals and acknowledge the work that still has to be done as we continue towards our goals of creating an equitible and inclusive work place.  

As International Women’s Day celebrations kick-off across the globe, we’ve asked several members of Team BIC to share about their professional journeys, incredible achievements and their advice to female candidates interested in joining our growing team.

What makes you feel empowered in your career?  

  • Nicole Zacarelli, Senior Manager E-Commerce, DTC & Marketplaces, Shelton, USA

    "I have always had managers that support me and recognize my accomplishments. BIC has allowed me to really take the reigns on an area that is outside the traditional way of doing business. This has shaped my skill set to continue leading, as well as given me the confidence to make the right decisions day to day."

  • Olga Vayena, VP of Quality, Core Technologies and Compliance, Athens, Greece

    "BIC created new horizons for me in terms of career paths! I have been entrusted with new, exciting roles that inspire my own professional growth and give me the opportunity to expand my skills."

  • Bruna Russo, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Brazil

    “Having the opportunity to make a positive impact with my work here at BIC and strongly support this great transformation that the business is going through gives me a great sense of fulfillment. My team inspires me every day with their sense of commitment, engagement, willingness to make a difference. It's hard work, but we do it in a driven, fun and collaborative way.” 

Are there any challenges you've had to overcome in the corporate world? How have you managed to do so?

  • Mimi Das, Marketing Manager, Mumbai, India

    "Sometimes weekdays can be a struggle, but I try to really engage with my family once I am home. I also try spending quality time with them by travelling to new places during holidays or sharing experiences that give them joy over the weekends - it brings us closer together!

  • Monique Beecher, Senior Manager of E-Commerce, Shelton, USA

    "I think one of the biggest challenges I face as a female in the corporate world is unconscious bias. I combat this by leveraging every opportunity to educate myself and others, so we can identify it, feel less defensive when encountered with it, and more receptive to purposeful conversation that drives change. I love that BIC is leaning in and encouraging employee resources groups. It shows that BIC values employees that have strong inner characters that can't be swayed from what they believe is of value."

What career advice do you have for other women? 

  • Paula Griglione, General Manager for Mexico & Ecuador, Mexico City, Mexico

    “I am inspired by the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that exists here at BIC! My advice is to never stop learning – continue to look for opportunities to learn different skills. Explore new ways to develop and grow the skillsets that interest you – whether it’s leading a new project, having a critical experience in a specific area, finding a mentor!"

  • Rachel Boundy, Human Resources Manager, APAC, Melbourne, Australia

    “Be curious, look for opportunities in challenges and build strong relationships. Learn from the people around you, mentors and sponsors can be incredibly important in career progression.”

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