Celebrating National Intern Day!

Today on National Intern Day, we celebrate the achievements and successes of our NAM Summer Internship Class of 2023!   

Comprised of students from 14 different universities from across the U.S. and Canada, our interns have been working alongside their mentors and managers on a variety of projects to help drive our business forward. Our interns are supporting a variety of business functions, including sales, legal, IT, marketing, supply chain, commercial and HR! 

To celebrate all that they’ve achieved so far, we asked them to reflect on their #TeamBIC experience below.   

“The emphasis on teamwork and open communication has allowed me to collaborate effectively and step outside of my comfort zone.” - Charles Matthews, Office Products Sales Intern    

“BIC has shown me what genuine enthusiasm, teamwork, and perseverance looks like at work. I have expanded my drive to learn new things and aspire to be a part of a company that values each member's creativity and ideas.” - Sasha Medile, Digital Marketing Intern    

“BIC fosters a supportive, collaborative environment allowing for open dialoged, teamwork and personal growth.” - Karla Medina, Supply Chain Intern    

“Everyone at BIC is so welcoming and kind. This helped me feel like a valued member of the legal team, and like my contributions were making a difference.” - Ericka Solomon, Legal Intern  

“This internship has allowed me to gain much more confidence to break out and utilize the people around me to accomplish new tasks.” - Michael Marella, Global Digital Ecommerce Enablement & Insights Intern    

“Being exposed to so many areas of the business and people has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and perspective that will allow me to grow personally and professionally.” - Daniel Coppola, Business Development Intern    

“Working in a global role so this has allowed me to speak and work alongside people from around the world.” - Samuel Cerone, Global Shopper and Category Development Intern    

“Through the global exposure I’ve had in my role, I have improved my ability to communicate with others in a professional, productive manner.” - Julia Lucas, Group Commercial Capabilities Intern    

“I was impressed by the willingness of team members to help us achieving their goals and learn new things.” - Jason Eom, M&A Intern    

“My experience at BIC has helped me develop problem-solving skills and gain confidence in handling complex tasks.” - Siddhant Iyer, Ecommerce Sales Intern   

“My team has welcomed me and given me the opportunity to work one-on-one with different mentors on different projects.” - Anne Mackey, Global Ecommerce and Digital Shelf Operations Intern    

“I feel passionate about my work because I know it is not only contributing to the culture of the company but those that work within it.” - Victoria Leniar, HR Intern    

“This internship has pushed my abilities to brainstorm ideas and think outside the box in many ways!” - Pranav Srinivasan, M&A Intern    

“Knowing I have the support of my team gives me the confidence to always be asking questions and voicing my ideas, allowing me to truly get the most out of my internship.” - Jordan Johnson, Walmart Ecommerce Intern  

“During my internship at BIC I have been challenged to ask questions and interact with many new people.” - Lara Pursell, Global IT Group Functions Intern   

“My experience has been surrounded by great people who express a love for going to work every day and motivate me to put my best foot forward in everything I do.” - Melissa Taggert, Blade Excellence Brand Marketing Intern    

Are you interested in learning more about early career and internship opportunities at BIC? Head to our careers website to find out more: careers.bic.com