Education as a Tool for Empowerment: BIC's Belief in Practice

At BIC, we proudly support the global effort of providing equal access to quality education for all. We believe in the power of equipping young minds with the necessary tools to lead the world of tomorrow. In support of this commitment, our Bulgaria office recently hosted the Business in Practice forum in partnership with AIESEC. 

As an international youth-run and led non-profit organization, AIESEC has been providing valuable career development and internship opportunities to students for decades. What started out as a way for students to develop their leadership potential at the end of WWII, has now grown into a powerful network of ambitious young people from all over the world. The goal of AIESEC’s Business in Practice forum is to build a bridge between Bulgaria’s youth and Bulgaria’s business community. Team BIC was thrilled to partner with AIESEC who hosted this event for the 18th consecutive year. 

Nevena Maximova, Talent Acquisition Partner, who helped organize the event told us, “As a former member, I have participated in the event in all aspects. First as a student working on a study case, then as a member of the organization where I had the amazing opportunity of planning the forum and participating as a mentor. I cannot put into words how happy I am to work for a company that invests in younger generations and their education." 

These 13 talented students had the unique opportunity to showcase their innovative thinking and unlock the power of their potential through the “Brainstorm like an Associate” case study: 

  • Students were divided into groups and had 1.5 hours to demonstrate their innovative thinking skills and work through two real-world, interactive problems and present a thoughtful solution to the larger group. 
  • BIC team members worked alongside each group of students to provide valuable guidance and mentorship for each assignment. 
  • Students were provided feedback from participating BIC team members about their performance during the workshop to help fuel their success in the future. 

Not only did this event inspire creative thought and provide hands-on experience for the students, but it also gave them the opportunity to apply for some of BIC’s early career opportunities, like our 10-week internship program. The case study also gave our team members the chance to teach, mentor, and connect with participants. By participating as mentors, BIC team members gained perspectives and ideas from the next generation of business leaders.  

We are excited to continue partnering with organizations, like AIESEC, that share in our values of education, mentorship, and youth development. We are proud of BIC’s role in inspiring the next generation of the workforce, as it leads to a better, brighter tomorrow.  

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