Get To Know BIC’s Group Commercial Team


At BIC, one of the many forces behind our organizational success is our Group Commercial team. Our 2,500+ team members span across the globe, operating in a variety of roles across eight geographic regions, including sales, marketing, and demanding planning, who are responsible for putting our products in front of major retailers, shoppers, and consumers worldwide.  

  • "To work in Group Commercial is to be at the center of where the magic happens. Our team members intimately understand our customers, our shoppers, and our consumers and they bring BIC products to life in a way that meets their needs and brings them joy. The work we do in Commercial is what brings our products to life, and it is an honor and privilege to support and work amongst this passionate team every day,” shares Lisa Hershkowitz, HR Director, Group Commercial.


This team of forward-thinkers is always challenging the status quo, finding new ways to market and sell our products, while keeping the consumer needs at the center of all they do. They take BIC’s mission of bringing joy and simplicity to every day life and make it a reality.  

While no two days look the same, we’ve rounded up some key areas of focus to give you an exclusive glimpse into what our Group Commercial team works on: 

Regional Commercial Teams:

Our regional teams are responsible for all sales and marketing efforts in our geographic regions, bringing BIC products to life for local consumers. They take BIC’s corporate strategy and apply it to a local setting through a deep understanding of their consumers. These teams are responsible for delivering results for their region—which ultimately lead up to the achievement of our overall company results—and they do so through a relentless focus on the consumer and on developing our team members, and a bias toward action, focusing on executing results.  

Commercial Strategy Center of Excellence:

BIC's global Commercial Strategy team works to ensure our local teams have the tools and capabilities to drive execution in the markets. Members of this team have a strong understanding of what retailers, consumers, and shoppers want, and a propensity for creative problem-solving. They have a curiosity about local markets and look to identify best practices across the globe that can be leveraged in those markets. They are the experts in our categories, in our channels, and in our emerging capabilities and they partner closely with our regional teams to provide them with the knowledge, frameworks, and tools that help them drive their business forward.  

Revenue Growth Management (RGM):

The RGM team consists of both a central COE and local market teams, and they use smart pricing, promotions, and product choices to make sure our offerings not only meet consumer needs, but also help BIC meet its financial goals. Our RGM team members analyze consumer data, build and implement pricing strategies, make recommendations on portfolio strategy, optimize our promotional strategy for positive ROI, and establish trade terms and investments—all to help our sales teams make the right decisions for our business—playing a vital role in helping BIC be profitable and successful. 

Digital & E-Commerce:

Like RGM, the Digital & E-Commerce team consists of both a COE and local market teams, and these team members are at the forefront of our digital transformation. They are focused on creating a streamlined omnichannel experience for our consumers, who shop across many channels. They study consumer behavior, and they deeply understand digital platforms and marketplaces, so they can make recommendations to our sales and marketing teams on how to optimize the shopper journey. Though they are experts on all things digital, they also know that the key to success is looking at a consumer holistically. These teams are also at the forefront of emerging technologies, whether that be digital marketing on emerging platforms like TikTok or figuring out how artificial intelligence can weave into our overall operations. There is never a dull moment on our Digital & E-Commerce teams where test-and-learn is part of their DNA! 

Recent Acquisitions:

We also have a lot of new things to be excited about in Commercial—such as Rocketbook, a sustainable digital writing notebook who we acquired three years ago, or Tattly, a creative and artistic temporary tattoo brand, who we acquired last year. There are always new opportunities on the horizon for our team members to learn and grow, and these acquisitions are just two examples of ways our team members are expanding their knowledge and building their capabilities through new products and categories.  


Members of the Group Commercial team all share a passion for the customer and the consumer, a focus on developing people, and a focus on executing with excellence. Wondering what would make you a successful member of the team? Take a look below!  

  • Ability to execute: We have a bias towards action. We’re focused on achieving results to constantly improve our route-to-market and grow our customer categories.  
  • Passion for our consumers: We put our consumers at the heart of everything we do – whether it’s connecting with a current customer or exploring a new channel, our goal is to put our products in every heart and home. We never lose sight of this mission.  
  • Accountability: Members of our Group Commercial team are goal-oriented and always focusing on how their current projects will help achieve organizational goals. We’re able to hold ourselves—and each other—accountable to measure progress and celebrate our wins!   
  • Passion for our people: We cannot serve our consumers if we don’t first care for ourselves. Our Commercial leaders are passionate about building the competencies and skillsets of our team members. We encourage risk-taking, we demand a diverse and inclusive environment, and we operate with a collaborative mindset and support each other through trust and transparency.  

Learn more about how you can take ownership of your career and make a meaningful impact with our Group Commercial team here