Jobs You Never Knew You Wanted

In a world of endless possibilities and limitless potential, the concept of a "dream job" can seem hard to find. At BIC, where we thrive on creativity and innovation, it should come as no surprise that an array of unique job opportunities exists, waiting to be discovered.  

Hear from Alix, Tan, and Wilfrida as they uncover the captivating jobs they hold, what makes the work they do unique, and how they remain successful: 


Sustaining Brand Relevance Through Art: Alix Dufour, Global Art Brand Manager 

Alix Dufour, Global Art Brand Manager, plays a key part in fulfilling BIC’s commitment to creativity by empowering and enabling the world’s artists to express themselves through simplicity and joy. To celebrate the art created with or inspired by BIC’s iconic products, the BIC Contemporary Art Collection was founded in 1998 and now proudly hosts nearly 200 works. BIC has also committed to the development of emerging artists through various art contests and prizes. In Alix’s role, she closely supports these initiatives and is responsible for sourcing relevant, engaging content from artists around the world, featuring and elevating their art across various platforms.  

  • What makes Alix’s job unique: She works to translate the legacy and history of BIC through art, creating platforms and communities of expression to increase the visibility of artists, empower emerging talents, and enhance BIC’s commitment to creativity, self-expression, and education. You can check out some of her latest work over on the BIC.Create Instagram account!  
  • Skills that make her successful: Alix's success is rooted in her passion for both art and the BIC brand, which work together to enhance her creative mindset. Her influential and outside-the-box thinking, coupled with curiosity, allows her to effectively collaborate and contribute to creative endeavors with artists around the world. 


Driving International Growth: Tanveer (Tan) Khan, Sr Marketing Manager – Global Export Markets  

In his role as Senior Marketing Manager, Tan oversees marketing activities across Latin America and Asia. Since joining BIC in 2016, Tan has been instrumental in driving the international growth of our business, turning his role into an exciting journey that has helped shape the success story of BIC on a global scale. He works to consistently strengthen key priorities in the BIC portfolio, ensuring alignment with consumer, customer, and company needs.   

  • What makes Tan’s job unique: Tan's role is distinguished by its global scope, overseeing consumer and trade marketing across diverse regions. His strategic contributions play a pivotal role in driving BIC's growth in Latin America and Asia, making his role integral to growing international success. 
  • Skills that make him successful: Possessing problem-solving skills, teamwork, agility, and creativity, Tan ensures the effective localization of marketing strategies and the successful alignment of global priorities with consumer needs. 


Innovating Through Creativity and Design: Wilfrida Achieng, Senior Graphic Designer - East Africa  

In her role as Senior Graphic Designer, Wilfrida engages with first-time BIC Graphics clients interested in ordering BIC branded pens. She creates visual designs according to her client’s needs, coordinates with the production team for sample production, and manages order processing. Wilfrida collaborates closely with the Marketing Team on various projects, crafting marketing content and artwork for campaigns, including billboards, posters, and interactive designs, providing a comprehensive and creative approach to visual branding at BIC. 

  • What makes Wilfrida’s job unique: Wilfrida's role stands out for its unique combination of graphic design for new BIC Graphics clients and high-profile marketing campaigns, making her job a captivating mix of client interaction, creative design, and impactful marketing. 
  • Skills that make her successful: With great proficiency and passion for graphic design, Wilfrida is able to execute intricate design works. Her expertise in Interactive Media Design, encompassing 2D and 3D animation, app and game development, and web design, adds a layer of creativity and innovation to her role, providing unique and original solutions for BIC. 


Stay tuned for our next edition in this series as we bring you another panel of BIC team members who share what makes their jobs with Team BIC unique and interesting. In the meantime, curb your curiosities by exploring the exciting opportunities that exist at