Make Your Mark: Celebrating International Dot Day at BIC

Have you ever questioned your creative abilities? If so, you may relate to the main character, Vashti, from Peter Reynold’s book “The Dot”—a story that teaches us about the power of self-belief and having the courage to "make your mark."  

Recently in partnership with the BIC Foundation, Peter Reynolds, New York Times best-selling author and illustrator of 80 books, joined over 350 BIC team members in a virtual discussion to share a compelling message in celebration of International Dot Day, which encourages individuals from around the world to pursue powerful, purposeful creativity.  

With a mission to support people and provide them with tools to nurture creativity, the BIC Foundation brought International Dot Day to our very own team members.  

Here's more about these initiatives: 

The BIC Foundation  

The BIC Foundation, which has a similar focus on building creative skills, aims to enable and empower participants to build stronger, more inclusive, and more creative communities. Alison James, Executive Director of the BIC Foundation, hosted the virtual Q&A session with Peter Reynolds and kicked off International Dot Day celebrations at BIC, supporting The BIC Foundation’s strong belief of inspiring children and adults to make their mark on our world. 

International Dot Day  

This global celebration of collaboration, courage, and purposeful creativity reminds us that we all have the capacity to be creative to make our mark on this world! This day is celebrated on – or around – September 15th, and this year Team BIC got involved by hosting the Make Your Mark Challenge! Through this challenge, BIC team members were encouraged to draw their own creative dots and submit them for votes. With the help of her son, Niki Triantafyllidou, Machines and Processes Evaluation and Validation manager, based in our BIC factory in Athens, and their winning dot are pictured below. Wondering what their winning award was? The entire “The Dot” book trilogy by Peter Reynolds! 

International Dot Day serves as a welcome reminder that anyone can find inspiration and be creative – anyone can – and it’s important to make space to have creative moments. Meegan Untereker, Project Manager, Group Commercial, participated in the International Dot Day celebrations and tells how she finds creativity in her daily role at BIC, “My creative inspiration stems from the energy and collaboration of working with diverse co-workers to accomplish common goals.” 

At BIC, we recognize the positive impact that creativity has, which is why our team members are empowered to think outside the box, bring unique ideas to the table, and always save time for creative moments - like International Dot Day. 

Learn how your creativity can thrive in our current opportunities with Team BIC: