Starting My Career at BIC: New Hire Advice

Ever wonder what it’s like to navigate the exciting path of your first months at BIC? Step into life at BIC through the eyes of our newest team members! Explore the unique perspectives of these recent hires, delving into the lessons they've learned and the factors that played a pivotal role in their successful BIC beginning. 

Joel Roman joined Team BIC in September 2023 as Global RGM Sr Manager for NAM, BRAR and MexEc, based in Shelton, CT 

Q: Did you have any expectations about BIC's company culture before starting? How has this aligned with your experiences so far? 

A: “Initially, I expected a culture that values innovation and embraces global collaboration, my experience has exceeded these expectations. My team has been amazing, ensuring I have everything I need to perform work efficiently and going above and beyond to help me understand the nuances of each market I’m currently managing. Even since my first interview, the level of detail to any question I received and the attention throughout the whole interview process was completely different from anything I’ve experienced before, it made me realize that it was going to be a true cultural fit.”   


Chioma Elijah joined BIC in August 2023 as Brand Manager Lighter and Shaver, based in Nigeria

Q: What initially attracted you to BIC, and did your perception change after joining?  

A: “BIC has strong global brand equity and a stellar reputation for quality, making the prospect of managing a diverse portfolio for such a renowned company initially attractive. However, it was the commitment to environmental and societal sustainability that really drew me in, as this is a one of my core areas of interest.   

Since joining, my perception has remained positive. From the inside, it is evident that core values are strongly upheld, and the genuine collaborative spirit within my team has further solidified my belief that it is not just a workplace, but a community invested in collective success.” 


Andrea Peycheva joined Team BIC in October 2023 as Associate Manager, Communications, based in Sofia, Bulgaria 

Q: Can you recall a pivotal moment during your interview process that affirmed your decision to join the team? 

A: “I would say a pivotal moment was when the senior hiring manager at the Sofia office asked me what I would like to focus on looking forward at my career instead of asking me about and focusing on my past, which I often see during interviews. This made a very big impression, and I thought this is a company that is open-minded with a forward-thinking perspective.” 


Josiane Rodrigues de Lara joined Team BIC in October 2023 as Logistics & Distribution Manager, based in São Paulo, Brazil 


Q: In what way has your team or the people around you helped you get acclimated and feel comfortable in your new role? 

A: “My first month with BIC was very intensive, but what made the difference was how my direct leader supported and included me. She’s always willing to explain and share her experiences with me to make me feel like part of the team. Even my colleagues have been willing to explain, share experiences and resources, listen to me, and understand my background since the first day. Although I am a newbie at BIC, only 3 months in, they have been 3 months filled with a lot of great learning!” 


Stephen Weaver joined Team BIC in June 2023 as Planning and Replenishment Manager (Walmart Stationery), based in Bentonville, AR  

Q: Share a particular accomplishment or learning experience within your first month that stands out to you. 

A: “I joined the team in June of 2023, and within the first month, I had completed my first project in support of the Back-to-School season in North America, generating revenue for the organization and ensuring a streamlined product replenishment process during a busy time of year for our team.” 


Geoffroy Starkloff joined Team BIC October 2023 as Senior Manager Finance AMI & BBT based in Paris, France 

Q: What made BIC stand out to you as a potential employer? 

A: “What initially drew me to BIC was its prominent role in daily life, coupled with the organization’s venture into new areas such as Inkbox, Tattly, and AMI. I’ve learned BIC isn't just a workplace but a community where innovation and teamwork thrive, making it an even more fulfilling experience than I had anticipated. Recommendations from former BIC employees underscored it as a fantastic workplace with warm, welcoming individuals and a strong collaborative spirit.” 


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