Step Inside BIC’s Mexico City Office

The BIC Mexico City office building, home to 120 team members working across 9 different business functions, was built with our employees in mind. It is designed to support collaboration in modern, open spaces which inspires innovative thinking, problem solving, and cross-functional success.

Ricardo Charazo Guerrero, who recently celebrated 33 years at BIC Mexico, shared, “I take great pride in working at BIC because of our strong sense of teamwork, which has been instrumental in our collective success.” We spoke with other BIC team members about what makes our Mexico City office great. Take a look at what they had to say, below:  

The One BIC Mindset: The One BIC mindset is a core characteristic of our BIC Mexico City office. We strongly believe in the power of teamwork and the value it brings to achieving our goals. Our office layout promotes teamwork and encourages employees to interact, build connections, and exchange ideas freely.  

Celebrating Life's Occasions: At BIC Mexico, team members recognize the importance of celebrating milestones and special occasions with one another. Christian Rodriguez, NAM Recruiter who began her BIC career in Mexico City before moving to our Shelton, U.S location said, “We are a culture that likes to celebrate everything, and the office is a place we like to do that.” Whether it be birthdays, work anniversaries, or personal achievements, teams actively gather to celebrate these moments, boosting peer support and a sense of community. 

Inclusive and Supportive Culture: What 3 terms come to mind when thinking about BIC Mexico? We asked our team members and they said, “Dynamic, collaborative, and inspiring.” Valuing an inclusive culture means team members of all backgrounds are not only welcomed but also empowered to unlock their full potential. 

Global Community: Team members in our Mexico City office are from a variety of backgrounds—joining our team from countries all over the world! This makes for a diverse, culture-rich environment and a great place to share celebrations, recipes, and more! Juan Ahualli, Key Account Manager who expatriated to Mexico from Argentina, told us, “One of my main motivations for coming to work in Mexico was the opportunity to immerse myself in a vibrant and diverse culture. I was excited to work in a new environment and saw Mexico as a country with immense potential for personal and professional growth.” Working in such a multicultural setting makes BIC an exciting destination for those seeking a global work experience. 

State-of-the-art Office:  Did you know that the open-space concept of BIC's Mexico City office was specifically designed to promote collaboration? With strategically placed meeting areas and breakout spaces, employees have plenty of opportunities to connect, exchange ideas, and foster innovation. This design not only creates a pleasant and energizing working environment, but it also creates a sense of community, enabling employees to work together in a flexible and dynamic manner. 

Are you interested in learning more about the different career opportunities available in BIC Mexico? Head to our careers website to explore open roles here