Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders through BIC’s 53rd Annual Scholarship Program

At BIC, we believe that education is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities, and we are thrilled to support the next generation of innovative thinkers and leaders. We recently celebrated another successful year of scholarship awards in North America, marking the 53rd year of supporting BIC team members and their children on the exciting journey of earning a college degree.   

Our commitment to education has been a pillar of BIC's culture for decades. We understand that investing in the education of our team members and their families is not only important for their personal growth and development, but it also helps to build a brighter future for our communities and the world at large. We recognize the importance of lifelong learning, which is why we encourage all our team members and their families to continue to pursue learning in all its forms.   

Through BIC's “Writing the Future, Together” commitment, we are part of a global effort to promote lifelong learning and ensure inclusive and quality education for all. With our annual scholarship program, we present scholarships to several children of BIC employees, who applied with the interest of continuing their education. Over the past 10 years, the BIC scholarship program has awarded a total of $1,132,000 in academic scholarships to over 600 individuals with majors spanning across a variety of fields of study, including elementary education, molecular biology and more.  

To honor this year’s scholarship recipients, BIC hosted a virtual award ceremony for the awarded students and their parents. Joining them were Mallory Martino, Chief Human Resource Officer, and Dan Kuzdro, General Manager of North America, who spoke during the ceremony and provided both words of congratulations and advice for the students as they prepare for their college journey. As said by Mallory, “BIC’s long-standing commitment to education is just one of the many reasons why I think this is a special place to build a career. I’m so proud that we bring this commitment to life every day not only through our global initiatives, but through regional and local programs like this as well.” 

We look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come and supporting even more individuals on their journeys of learning, growth, and self-discovery.  

To find out more about how BIC exercises its commitment to education head to our careers website: