Team BIC Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month

At BIC, we strive to foster an inclusive work environment where our team members are celebrated, respected, and feel empowered to be themselves. Each year in the United States, we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing the important contributions and presence of Hispanic Latino Americans in the United States. During this month, we celebrate the experiences of our team members and the invaluable impact their unique perspectives, cultures and backgrounds provide.  

The HOLA BIC Employee Resource Group (ERG) is one of five employee-led groups at BIC, which aim to connect our team members and continue to build a diverse and inclusive culture. Karina Perez, Senior Manager of Inventory NAM and Chair of HOLA BIC, tells us:

 “With the existence of EGRs such a HOLA, BIC continues to embrace an inclusive culture where employees—like me—feel valued, heard, and comfortable being authentic.”  


Get to know some other members of HOLA by learning why they’re proud of the culture and heritage they bring to Team BIC every day and how they see diversity celebrated throughout our organization: 

Thiago Jesus, Sr. Brand Manager 

“I am from Brazil where we have a very diverse culture since we have contributions from many different ethnic groups throughout the country’s history. I am proud to be from a country that has so many valuable contributions to the world – from Capoeira martial arts and Feijoada, a traditional Brazilian stew made with black beans and pork, to classic samba music and carnival. I enjoy opportunities like Hispanic Heritage Month at BIC to share with other team members our culture and find out how many similarities there are among us.” 

Maria Kozeracki, Global Brand Manager, GI&I  

“I was born and raised in Ecuador. I am extremely proud of where I come from, my family, my friends, and I try to maintain a strong connection with my Ecuadorian roots and pass on many traditions and values to my children. I am also proud and excited to be an active member of many of the initiatives, like HOLA, that continue to foster and appreciate diversity in all shapes and forms at BIC.” 

This year to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Team BIC hosted several events for team members in our Shelton, Connecticut North America headquarters:  

  • Hispanic and Latino Flags: Throughout the month our cafeteria atrium proudly displayed flags from the Hispanic and Latino countries that Hispanic Heritage Month represents. 
  • Hispanic Puzzles: Team BIC joined together and used their problem-solving skills to help solve Hispanic-themed puzzles. 
  • A Taste of Colombia: Team members experienced the flavors of Colombian food brought to us by local restaurant, Parchados en la Fonda.  
  • Frozen Treats: Team BIC gathered for various frozen treats including paletas de hielo (Mexico), helado de agua (Argentina), picolé (Brasil), palitos (Uruguay), and posicle (Venezuela). 
  • Guest speaker Harold Garcia: A New York-based artist with Cuban origins, Garcia joined BIC team members to share his artistic creations that recognizes indigenous knowledge and leadership. 


At BIC, it’s thanks to the unique perspectives of our team members that we are guiding our business into the future, and creating a workplace where everyone can thrive is a top priority. Explore how you can unlock your potential and broaden your horizons as a member of our global community here: